Models on posters, magazines, bill board stunned us for their perfect look. No wrinkle, dark spots, pimples are present in their face and skin tones are very equal and smooth. We even think, how much time they spend to look such gorgeous or how expensive their make-up cost. How perfect are they, even a high resolution camera can’t find any dark spot. But the thing behind this, they are not that perfect what they look. It’s the graphics designer or Graphics Design Company who gives them the perfect look.

The technique behind it called Photo Retouching. You can easily edit the face tone, remove wrinkles and any visible worse looking part. You can do such things in Photo Retouching like Correct Tone, Color Correction, Dust, Mold & Texture Removal, Damage Control & Repair, Glamour/Cosmetic Retouching, Enhance brightness and Shadow & Highlight Fixing, Blur & Grain Treatment, Red Eye removal.

All the things can easily done by the help of Photoshop cc. I will try to show you some features of Photoshop CS3 regarding this process.


  1. Open the photo you want to edit. Keep the layers viewable. If you need to resize your picture, you can easily do it by going to “Image” then click to “Image Size”. Size you picture whatever you want.
  2. Now, go to “layer”, create a duplicate layer by right click on it. To keep the image on its original, work with the duplicated layer.
  3. Use “Blur” tool to smoothening the skin. Do it for those skins where wrinkles, blemishes and pimples are present. When ended with this process, the picture may appear to be pale. To get rid of it, make it a little darker or use tan complexion if you liked to.
  4. You may darken skin by burn tool. When you select burn tool, you can choose different brushes. It will give the options to choose any from different brushes. You will get the best result if you use the soft-round brush with 300 pixel size.
  5. Smear it on with burn tool where you need to darken.
  6. Duplicate the layer that you have done editing to add blending effects.
  7. Right-Click on new duplicated layer and choose blending options from there.
  8. Select the blending mode options what you want to apply on your image.
  9. Go to layers and select the eye icon that shows the visibility of each layer. You may now see the differences between the original and edited one.
  10. Save your editing work and give it a file name.

A lots of Graphics Design company do this kind of job as professionally. For more accuracy you can use clipping path to cut out the image. For this, duplicate the original image and after clipping background, place it to a blank background. Use pen tool for best Clipping Path result. Now follow the steps described above.